Men's urban suits are made for the modern man.  They can come in traditional styles and muted colors but they have a more sophisticated cut and also available in non-traditional colors also.


Two fabrics are most common when it comes to making urban suits for men.  The men's urban suit that is made from wool is something that can last the wearer for a long time.  Someone wearing a woolen urban suit will look distinguished because it hangs nicely on the figure.  The other common fabric for urban suits is poplin.  This material is used in many styles of urban men's suits.  Poplin fabric is lightweight.  This materials can also be dyed easily.  That is why you can find them for sale in many different bright colors.


There are two piece and three piece styles of men's urban suits.  There is a dress coat and dress pants in a two piece style.  The three piece style is similar to the two piece but a vest is also included.  Completing the whole men's urban suit get up you need to match you dress coat and dress pants with a dress shirt, a tie, sock and shoes  Pocket handkerchiefs can be an added fashion accessory to this attire.  The top pocket of the dress coat can be the place where you can put your pocket handkerchief.


Another style that has come back to urban fashion are the men's zoot suits.  These were popular suits during the 30's and 40's which feature a dress coat with wide padded shoulders and wide lapels.  It is also distinct in that an ordinary dress coat is shorter that the length of the zoot suit coat.  Men's zoot suits pants come to a narrow bottom near the ankles.  Cuffs are used to close the pant's bottom.  The cut of the pants are full in the waist and thighs and the waist is cut high.  With a fedora hat to match, the zoot suit will be a perfect wear for the modern man.  They are also matched with pointed toe dress shoes.


What sets urban suits from other clothing is that they have unique details.  To make unique details we can take the example of contrasting ribbon trims which they can put along the lapel, pocket flat, and handkerchief pockets.  Another example of having unique details in the suit is having striped material for the coat and the pants.  Some even use bright colors such as gold, red, and other colors to complete a uniquely designed pair.



There are many websites dedicated to men's urban suits and ECO friendly Wooden Watches and you simply do a search to find them.  These suits are designed for the more classy and modern man.  The latest in urban suit fashion, the urban suits and zoot suits can be made in traditional and non-tradition styles and colors. For more urban clothing details, visit